Reckless / Careless Driving

Pittsburgh Careless/Reckless Driving Attorney

In Pennsylvania, hundreds of accidents take place every year due to careless and reckless driving. While the offense may not be as serious as is the case with DUI, the penalties and fines aren’t any lesser. Thousands of people are charged with this offense every year, and this can have serious consequences on your driving privileges.

Why Should I Fight These Charges?

You would have pay hefty fines, see steep increase in your insurance premium and may see your driving privileges denied to you for certain length of time. Here is how the law treats cases of careless and reckless driving in Pittsburgh and other parts of the state.

  • Reckless Driving – As per the law in Pennsylvania, reckless driving is more or less just irresponsible behavior behind the wheels. The law automatically assumes intent, and it can attract serious punishment. If convicted, you can lose your license for six months and have to pay $200 as fine. You can also face 90 days of imprisonment. In case of an injury, the fine would be $1000 and 90 days incarceration; while in the event of death, you can be put behind prison for 12 months and pay $25,000 as fine.

  • Careless Driving – This is often seen as lesser of the two offenses. You can be charged for this if you fail to adhere to the rules of safety, such as falling asleep behind the wheels. In the event of being charged with careless driving, three points are deducted from your license and you would need to pay fine of $250. In the event of a person’s death, you are fined $500 and in both the cases you can be imprisoned for 90 days.

It is important for you to seek help from a seasoned Pittsburgh Traffic Ticket Attorney like Sean Logue, who specializes in careless and reckless driving cases. I would defend your rights and privileges when you are charged with these traffic offenses.

How Can I Help You?

Among peers, Pittsburgh Traffic Ticket Attorney Sean Logue is an authority on traffic violations. I have years of experience in successfully defending clients who have been charged with careless and reckless driving. There are ways to lower or completely dismiss your charges, and I would creatively fight your case to achieve these goals. I have always got the best possible outcome for my clients based on the merits of their case. My 10.0 Avvo rating is a testimony to the legal aid and services I have offered clients over the years. Strong case preparation and integrity has been the hallmark of my services, and I have helped hundreds of people in these cases.

There is no way you can take charges of careless and reckless driving lightly. You need to fight these charges vehemently. Sean Logue would stand by your side and protect your rights in the court.