Recklessly endangering another person

If you have been arrested for endangering another individual in a reckless manner, then expect some serious repercussions from the law.

You might face up to two years in jail. So, don’t delay in hiring a reliable Pittsburgh Criminal Lawyer. Find one as soon as you are charged so that he or she can reduce the harsh penalties against you. Only a dedicated, creative, and aggressive lawyer can get you out of these kinds of situations.

Things to know about recklessly endangering another individual

In Pennsylvania, you need to know the following things. If the prosecutor is able to prove these charges against you, the court will find you guilty of reckless endangerment:

  • You are accused of exposing someone else, through your own conduct, to a situation that could result in serious injuries or death.
  • This crime is a second-degree misdemeanor.

The most important thing to understanding reckless endangerment charges is generally a concept known as REAP. This is centered on whether your action was actually reckless and dangerous or not. The police might have arrested you because they thought that what you did was reckless, but that might not be the case in reality.

What do I do if I get charged with this offense?

The decision of the police to arrest you will depend on a lot of factors. For example, if the police find illegal substances in your car or detect alcohol on your breath after an accident, then they might consider your actions to be reckless.

  • This crime is sometimes paired with another crime – that of stalking. If you are convicted under REAP, and then later are accused of stalking, you might find yourself facing a felony offense instead of a misdemeanor.
  • Your actions might not be as significant as their outcome. For example, if the safety of a child was threatened because you used a power tool near him/her while drunk, and the child was injured, you might be charged with reckless endangerment. If nothing happened, it might be considered simple negligence.

You should not talk to either the cops or the prosecutors in the absence of your lawyers. They might twist your words and use them against you while preparing the case. Be patient, calm, and extremely polite. If they ask you about anything, tell them that you need a Pittsburgh Criminal Lawyer by your side before you can reply to their questions.

How Can A Lawyer Help Me?

Your attorney will ask you about the details of the case, including what you were charged with and what happened before your arrest. He or she will figure out the factors that might work in your favor and will try to discredit the evidence against you. He or she will also explain the legal terms and conditions to you in detail, so that you don’t have any questions or concerns. He or she will also prepare a solid defense for you, and make sure that your rights are well protected.

So, if you or any of your loved ones have been charged with this kind of an offense, do not delay in contacting a Pittsburgh Criminal Lawyer as early as possible. Call us at Logue Law Group today at 1-844-PITT-DUI or (412) 389-0805. Or, you can contact us online.

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