Social Security/Disability Fraud

Using any social security system in a fraudulent way is a serious offense that can result in steep penalties that include benefit repayment together with fines. The severity of the penalty usually rests on the type of offense and whether the fraud occurred only a single time or was something ongoing. The moment you are charged with a social security or disability fraud you will require the assistance and guidance of an attorney who is familiar regarding the different fraud penalties and can help you in attaining the finest result for your case. It is here where we at Logue Law can help. We can provide you with the best Pittsburgh criminal defense attorney who will fight your case confidently and help you breathe a sigh of relief.

The Pittsburgh Social Security Administration will seek reports actively from the public regarding social security fraud. The moment you are convicted of such an offense you are facing years in prison and substantial fines.

What is Social Security Fraud?

It is illegal in Pittsburgh to use fake methods for obtaining social security benefits. Some of the common schemes of a social security fraud include:

  • Making false statements for obtaining advantages
  • Not reporting the demise of the beneficiary and gathering their benefits illegally
  • Hiding facts which could affect eligibility
  • Using the social security number of another person to get benefits illegally
  • Selling forged social security cards
What Will be the Penalty?

Once charged with such a fraud you may have to pay a heavy fine or serve time behind bars for a good number of years. The severity of the penalty will largely rest on the total money involved. The charges you face are quite serious which is why you will need an experienced Pittsburgh criminal defense attorney on your side. In fact having one of our renowned Pittsburgh criminal lawyers will give you peace of mind that your case is being handled by a knowledgeable attorney. Considering the seriousness of the penalty, indeed it is crucial in taking the investigation seriously. Here hiring a good criminal lawyer from us will be the right start. Safeguarding your freedom and future is crucial to our team.

Ways in Which a Lawyer can Help

Once charged with social security or disability fraud naturally you will have to face a determined Pittsburgh prosecutor and inflexible laws. It is here where our top Pittsburgh criminal lawyer can help in determining all the choices and attaining the finest result for your case. At Logue Law we are aware that every client is innocent until proven guilty as well as deserve the dignity and respect as anyone else. We will zealously represent you till the resolution of the case. We are on your side and are ready to help you!

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