Speeding in a School Zone

Maybe you got distracted by changing the radio station. Or, perhaps you reached for your coffee and had to rescue it from tipping over. Either way, you didn’t pay attention to the road and missed the sign announcing the school zone—or even the school itself. By then, it was too late. You drove too fast through the school zone, and before you knew it, you were being pulled over.

Speeding is the most common reason for the police to issue traffic tickets in Pittsburgh, and those tickets can add up to big headaches. They can cost you points on your license, hefty fines, and high insurance premiums. You could even lose your driver’s license. This is where we at Sean Logue Law can help you. We have the best Pittsburgh Traffic Ticket Lawyers, and we can help you minimize these issues, or even avoid them altogether. We have the most experienced and skilled Pittsburgh Criminal Lawyers that you’ll find anywhere.

Facts About Speeding in a School Zone

In Pittsburgh, as in all of Pennsylvania, the speed limit in a school zone is always 15 MPH.

In an active school zone, you can be charged with speeding if you go only 1 MPH above the speed limit.

A conviction for driving 16 MPH or above in a school zone will get you 3 points on your license and costs/fines.

If you are caught a second time, your license will be suspended for 60 days.

Steps to Take if the Cops Pull You Over
  • Be polite
  • Do not argue with the cop or get angry
  • Turn off the ignition, but avoid getting out of the vehicle

If you are issued a speeding ticket, consult our Pittsburgh Criminal Lawyer, who will stand by you, refute any evidence, and work with you in determining your defense. Contact our best Pittsburgh Traffic Ticket Lawyer today.

How can We at Sean Logue Law Help You?

If you have been charged with a speeding ticket/citation in the Pittsburgh area, you should immediately contact our best Pittsburgh Traffic Ticket Lawyers. They are experienced in handling all sorts of traffic tickets, both big and small. They know what they are doing and will do it right the first time.

Every Pittsburgh Criminal Lawyer in our firm has handled countless such cases over the years and is well prepared to help you. They will review your case thoroughly and come up with an effective strategy to handle your traffic ticket, discrediting any evidence that exists. The best part is that they are truly passionate when it comes to offering personalized and highly professional legal services to clients at an affordable price. They offer flat rates for their services, which helps you budget better, and will walk you through the process and procedures you will face. They will stand beside you all the way.

For more information about Pennsylvania Traffic Violation Law, including descriptions and definitions of traffic violations, you will find it in the Pennsylvania Code under Title 75.