Speeding in a School Zone

It may so happen that you got distracted and overlooked seeing the sign announcing the school zone or the school itself. You drove at a high speed through the school zone and ultimately received a speeding citation. Speeding citations are common in Pittsburgh. Here, the assistance and guidance of an expert Pittsburgh Traffic Ticket Lawyer like Sean Logue will work wonders. Rest assured we will assign you with the finest Pittsburgh Traffic Ticket Lawyer, who will dismiss or minimize your problems in the best way possible.

Facts about speeding within the school zone

The speed limit, especially in the school zones, in Pittsburgh is always 15 MPH. Within the active school zone, one can be charged with speeding should he goes as minimum as 1 MPH above the speed limit. Once you are cited with speeding in the school zone, you will get 3 points and will also require paying costs/fines. For the second conviction, there will be a license suspension for 60 days.

Steps to take if the cops pull you over
  • Be polite
  • Do not argue with the cop or get angry
  • Turn off the ignition, but avoid getting out of the vehicle
How can we at Sean Logue Law help you?

If you have received a speeding citation in the Pittsburgh area, you should right away contact our best Pittsburgh Traffic Ticket Lawyer. They possess the experience of handling all forms of traffic tickets big and small. They know what they are doing and will do it right the very first time. A traffic ticket undoubtedly is quite a serious matter and can be quite complex. This is not merely about admitting the guilt, paying the fine and moving on. Looking at the bigger picture is important as well as considering the citation’s impact on the insurance rates and the driving record. Every Pittsburgh Traffic Ticket Lawyer in our firm has handled countless such cases over the years and thus are well prepared in helping you. They will review your case thoroughly and come up with an effective strategy possible to handle the traffic ticket that you have been charged with. The best part is they are truly passionate when it comes to offering personalized and highly professional legal service to clients at an affordable price. Rest assured they will stand by your side on every phase.