Tax/IRS Fraud

The government every year loses countless dollars on account of tax fraud. For combating the issue both the Pittsburgh area and the IRS have adopted different whistleblower programs which offer good rewards to people that blow the whistle both on businesses and individuals that owe tax liabilities. Some of the common tax or IRS fraud schemes include:

  • To engage in sales tax evasion
  • File fraudulent claims for credits
  • Fail to report or to hide income or deductions or exaggerating expenses
  • Misclassify workers and pay an employee under the table
  • Invest in or promote bogus tax shelters
  • Hide income in offshore, secret accounts

Getting investigated for such a fraud can be a horrifying experience. Along with pouring over your tax returns, the federal prosecutors, as well as the IRS, will also drop in at your office or home for questioning you regarding every facet of your expenses and income. Here you will require the assistance of the best Pittsburgh criminal lawyer. This is where Logue Law can help you. We have a detailed understanding of the law and also possess the ability to stand up on your behalf to the federal authorities.

What is a Federal Tax Fraud?

The federal law considers the below-mentioned cases illegal:

  • Filing a false tax return which will under report your income
  • Filing false documents
  • Failing in filing a return completely
  • Evading to pay the taxes which you owe especially to the government
  • Failing in collecting employment taxes

The government will draw a difference amid committing an error on your tax fraud and taxes. The auditor will look for deliberate and willful misconduct and not carelessness or errors. They will in particular look for actions like understating income, concealing assets and failure in cooperating with illegal activities and the IRS. In most cases, if the IRS happens to audit you they will seek in collecting your back taxes along with the penalties and interest. After the audit, if however, they state that you committed tax fraud, then they are likely to impose a huge penalty or may even turn you in to a criminal investigator. And if you are investigated by the federal government for another crime then they are likely to check your tax returns as well. In fact, they will look for huge expenditures that exceed the reported income and should they manage in finding it, they will consider the same as a clue that indeed you were getting income from the various illegal sources. Besides, you can be in danger of tax fraud together with the activities which they allege that you have committed.

What Will be the Penalty?

Once convicted of a Tax or IRS fraud you may have to pay a fine of about $100,000 and in the case of a corporation it can go up to $500,000 or sent to the federal prison for a period of 5 years. The truth is you will be required to pay the expenditure for prosecuting every separate tax crime.

Ways in Which a Lawyer can Help

Once convicted of such a fraud naturally you will have to face a determined Pittsburgh prosecutor and inflexible laws. Here our top Pittsburgh criminal lawyer can help you in determining all the choices and attain the finest result for your case.

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