Most of the time, crimes of theft fall under the jurisdiction of state law—in Pittsburgh’s case, Pennsylvania state law. However, certain specific types of thefts that are federal crimes are taken to trial in federal courts. If you are accused of stealing federal property or interstate commerce, you might be charged with a federal theft crime.

A few Facts About Federal Theft

Federal theft crimes are defined as those that either cross state lines or are thefts of federal agencies.

Items covered by federal theft laws include property owned by the government, such as computers or trucks, as well as data and documents. No matter how inexpensive the item that was taken, federal prosecutors will vigorously pursue the case.

Stealing or wrongly using government money, including loans and grants, is also prosecuted as a federal theft crime.

Identity theft and illegal downloading are designated as interstate theft. They are also tried in federal court.

What’s the Difference Between Federal and State Court?

The federal court system is more complex than state courts, and the processes and procedures are very different than those in Pennsylvania’s state courts. The major difference between state and federal courts is that the federal system uses distinctive and complex sentencing guidelines to determine punishments for those convicted of federal crimes.

Additionally, federal prosecutors have access to a considerable amount of resources that state prosecutors don’t have permission to use. For example, federal prosecutors can view and cite the results of long-running investigations carried out by federal agents. Pittsburgh lawyers have no access to such valuable resources.

If you are charged by the federal government for a crime, you will most likely receive a harsher sentence and higher fines than if you faced similar charges pressed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

How can Logue Law Help Me?

If you have been charged with theft, you will be coming up against rigid laws, an intimidating court system, and a federal prosecutor determined to win. A Pittsburgh Criminal Lawyer, such as those at Logue Law, will help you examine your options, determine the best course of action, and get you the best possible results. Call Logue Law immediately upon your arrest; the longer you wait to hire representation, the more difficult it is to get the good outcome you desire.

At Logue Law, we have experience in the federal court system and are skilled in defending federal cases. We will be happy to provide you with an expert Pittsburgh Criminal Lawyer; someone who will handle your case with hard work and the tenacity to go up against a federal prosecutor and win. Our confident, experienced, and skilled lawyers will guide you through the complex court proceedings in the federal court system and stand up to protect your constitutional rights. Contact us now at (412) 389-0805 or (412) 276-5890 for a free consultation.

Want to Learn More About Federal Crimes?

More information about federal crimes, including theft, can be found in the United States Code.