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Although a traffic violation does not seem to be quite serious, it can still have a major effect on your life. A summary offense can also lead to a serious category of criminal infraction, to say the least. You can also obtain points on your license, levied with huge fines and may be subjected to a possible suspension of the license. For greater and more serious offenses, you might also have to face considerable jail time along with a permanent criminal record. This is precisely why you have to contact an experienced and skilled criminal defense attorney so that your rights and privileges are left intact.

In the state of Pennsylvania, you will be considered to have violated the traffic laws for several reasons ranging from driving with a license that is suspended to even vehicle homicide. Every kind of offense has its own particular penalties and may need a different strategy to approach the case in order to retrieve a successful outcome. These cases may be different from one another but a constant fact remains that you must never plead guilty to any offense levied on you without consulting your Pittsburgh traffic ticket lawyer.

Attorney Sean Logue in Pittsburgh specializes in traffic laws and has represented hundreds of clients who have been charged for traffic violations. If you are wondering whether the ticket is worth fighting, as an experienced Pittsburgh traffic attorney, I say that every ticket should be contested.

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Why Not Just Pay The Fine?

You may wonder what is the harm in paying the fine when you have been issued a ticket. But, you need to keep in mind that paying the fine is an admission of guilt, and it would damage your driving record. You would lose points off your license, and this may lead to revocation of your license in the future. Your insurance premium can also go up and lead to monetary losses. Irrespective of the charges against you, I would offer you the best possible legal representation to protect your rights and privileges. I am committed to the rights of my clients and would take every possible step to limit or eliminate the consequences of a ticket or charges brought against you.

Only a skilled and experienced Pittsburgh traffic ticket lawyer can help you out with these kinds of cases.

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I have represented clients who have been charged with all different types of traffic violations and always strive to offer you knowledgeable and experienced representation. I diligently prepare your case to ensure you earn the best possible resolution and protect your interests. Along with my qualified and hardworking staff At Logue Law, I commit myself to keeping your driving record clean.

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