Traffic Violation Defenses

If you have been charged with violating traffic regulations in Pennsylvania, then that is something really serious to be worried about. It is one of the strictest places when it comes to driving skills and traffic offenses. Violating any rule can lead to suspension of driving license, legal hearings, points on your driving records, a hefty amount of fines, a spike in the car insurance premiums, etc.

If you have got a ticket from the police, make sure you fight it. Contacting a dedicated and experienced Pittsburgh criminal lawyer is the best solution. You would definitely need professional advice and help during the entire procedure. You can contact Logue Law for getting in touch with some of our well-known and established attorneys, who have experience in fighting these cases.

Possible Lines of Defense

Here are some of the possible defenses:

  1. The crime was not yours

    If you didn’t commit the crime, then, of course, you shouldn’t be convicted of it. But in some cases, it is seen that the police may have mistakenly alleged you of a violation. Maybe, it was someone else’s car that has violated the rules. Hence, you should inform this to your Pittsburgh criminal lawyer and ask him to put this in front while fighting your case.

  2. The “car speed” calculating device was not calibrated

    In Pennsylvania, devices or equipment used to track car speeds should be calibrated at least once in two months. Some devices need to be calibrated once every month or once every year, depending on the type and functionality. So, if the device was not calibrated properly at that point of time, then it is very likely that the detected speed would be wrong.

  3. Unreliability of VASCAR

    VASCAR, the device which is used in Pennsylvania for calculating speed, often does not provide accurate results. This happens especially when the police are tracking the speed over a short distance. If this piece of information is shown on your ticket, then your Pittsburgh traffic ticket lawyer can easily challenge the inaccuracy of this equipment and prove that in the court of law.

  4. Police error

    Human errors are also not uncommon when it comes to tracking speed of a vehicle. Distraction, sheer ignorance, darkness or turns in the road can lead to inaccurate speed reading. So, if a police have followed you for tracking your speed, then your Pittsburgh traffic ticket lawyer can easily question if there was some kind of human error in the procedure. Hence, make sure that the attorney you retain has sufficient experience in fighting these kinds of cases.

  5. Automatic Red-Light Cameras

    Generally, you will get a ticket via mail, if your car’s nameplate has been shot by the automatic red-light cameras when you have ignored a red light. It might be possible that you were not driving at that point of time. Hence, you can prove that with professional help in the court of law. And, that doesn’t mean that you have to provide them with the details of the person who was driving.

The Alleged Must be Proven Guilty Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

Your lawyer will carefully research, discredit any kind of evidence against you and accordingly, appeal to the judge for freeing you of any guilt beyond any reasonable doubt.

You will need the help of an experienced Pittsburgh traffic ticket lawyer who will be there with you throughout the entire procedure. He will work hard for discrediting evidence against you and would make sure that you get out of the situation at the earliest.

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