White Collar Crimes

White collar crimes — nonviolent illegal actions that involve deception, manipulation, circumvention or breach of trust — are easily among the most complex in all of criminal defense. Additionally, the consequences that accompany them are almost always extremely serious, particularly at the federal level.

These are some of the common types of fraud charges:

  • Identity Theft: If you use somebody’s bank account numbers, online passwords or social security numbers to your financial advantages without his/her permission, you will be charged with this offense. Such charges are also punishable by imprisonment.
  • Insurance Fraud: You can be subjected to criminal and civil liability if you deliberately provide false and misleading information regarding a claim or application of insurance to an insurer. This will not only lead to the insurance company suing you in the civil court for recovering its damages but also the prosecutor charging you with a third-degree felony.
  • Access Device Fraud: You can be charged with misdemeanor on using counterfeited, canceled or someone else’s ATM, debit or credit card. Severe fraudulent transactions can even lead to imprisonment or fines up to fifteen thousand dollars.
  • Food Stamp fraud: If you are found gathering Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits in an illegal manner, you can be debarred from this program and forced to pay the program back or put behind bars. Colliding with SNAP beneficiaries with malicious intentions can also lead to being charged with such offenses.
  • Trademark Counterfeiting: If you have deliberately displayed, sold, manufactured or advertised illegal copies or reproductions of any trademarked product or service, you will be charged with this offense. And if you are convicted of distributing such products, you will be subjected to heavy duty fines and several years of imprisonment.

These felony offenses can be drawn out for months or even years and require an expertise in discovery and investigation. If you are charged with such grave offenses, it can put your freedom, reputation and also finances at stake and you will be face a very difficult time battling with the prosecutor’s case. Only a skilled legal attorney can improve your chances of reaching a plausible solution.

If you have been charged or are being investigated for a Pittsburgh white collar crime, it is critical to protect your rights as soon as possible — a misstep during early stages of investigation can turn what may be a dismissal into a conviction.

Get in touch with an experienced lawyer as soon as possible if you are facing these or related criminal charges.

At Logue Law our attorneys are prepared to aggressively defend against charges of:

  • Fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Identity theft
  • Ponzi schemes
  • Tax fraud
  • Bank and currency crimes

Our comprehensive trial experience readies us for the discovery needed to put up the strongest possible defense. We will do everything we can to find any exculpatory evidence needed to aggressively attack the prosecution's case. In the event that we cannot reach a dismissal, we will seek the best possible plea to mitigate consequences and preserve your well-being as much as possible.

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