Why You Need to Be Careful in PennDOT Work Zones

MARCH 26, 2015

The weather is clearing up, which, in Pittsburgh means that road maintenance is and will continue to be upon us.

That also means there will be flaggers and other construction workers toiling close to where cars and trucks are whizzing closely by.

That all said, the state Department of Motor Vehicles has designated this week as Work Zone Safety Awareness week – and your friendly Pittsburgh criminal defense attorney who handles a ton of traffic ticket cases wanted to make sure you knew about it.

Here’s why: There are specific and steepened penalties for those who disobey traffic laws in active work zones in Pennsylvania.

For example, if you blow through a work zone going 11 miles faster than the posted speed limit, or you’re involved in a crash you could be charged with failing to drive at a safe speed and automatically lose your license for 15 days if convicted.

And there’s more! If you’re caught speeding, or driving under the influence in an active work zone, the fines are doubled. And if you are convicted of homicide by vehicle for a crash and an active work zone? The law provides for as many as five years of additional jail time.

Don’t think it’s enforced? Wrong! I’ve represented folks who’ve been cited, and according to PennDOT, so have a bunch of other criminal defense lawyers – because I 2013, 472 license suspensions were doled for work-zone violations.

So be careful out there! Watch your speed, watch for workers – and if you get into a jam, call me.

Source: http://www.justdrivepa.org/Traffic-Safety-Information-Center/Work-Zone/