Wire Fraud

If you or your loved one is convicted of a federal wire fraud, then you will find yourself in a frightening situation. The moment you are charged with this crime the government will convict you and also incarcerate you. Such charges are serious and will need the assistance of an experienced and knowledgeable defense attorney from a renowned firm such as Logue Law. Wire fraud cases are complicated in nature owing to the various forms of fraud involved. No matter the case is big or small our top Pittsburgh federal criminal lawyer can have you covered. With us, your search for the best Pittsburgh criminal lawyer will come to an end.

Wire fraud in simple term is any form of electronic communication that is used for perpetrating a fraud and/or a misrepresentation upon an individual with the intent to obtain services, goods or money. It may take place through the following:

  • Telephone
  • Television
  • Radio
  • Internet
  • Email

Wire fraud will turn into a federal charge if it affects any federal institution like the bank.

What is a Federal Wire Fraud?

This form of fraud has been a crime since 1872 yet the technology for committing this crime has evolved. Today wire fraud can be done through different mediums. The federal law considers it illegal in using electronic channels for defrauding a person out of property, services or money. For instance, if you call numerous people and provide in selling them with a nonexistent timeshare, or run any Ponzi scheme via a website you are likely to be put behind bars for such a fraud. The prosecution together with using the electronic communication will also require proving that the defendant:

  • Had the intention of defrauding their victim
  • Created a deception

Often wire fraud is bundled with other charges for adding on to the sentence of the defendant. If you are convicted for instance with a mortgage or tax fraud, a wire fraud frequently will be added to it. Prosecutors often will utilize the wire fraud charge, especially in the absence of sufficient evidence of convicting you with anything else.

  • The fact is you will be convicted of a wire fraud, even if you mention any specific scheme for once in a phone conversation or an email
  • Every specific electronic communication will be a separate fraud count.
What Will be the Penalty?

Once convicted of a wire fraud you can be imprisoned for about 20 years or need to pay a hefty fine depending on the situation and its severity.

Ways in Which a Lawyer can Help

The moment you are caught with a fraud charge naturally you will require facing inflexible laws together with a determined Pittsburgh prosecutor. It is here where joining hands with our Pittsburgh federal criminal lawyer will be an intelligent step. Our top Pittsburgh criminal lawyer will leave no stone unturned in determining all your choices and attain the finest result for your case. So make the most of our attorneys and enjoy untold benefits.

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