What You Must Not Do While Filing for Bankruptcy

When you are filing for bankruptcy, you surely don’t want to ruin it. If you go for one misstep, the court will immediately dismiss the case and that will result in the creditors again resuming hounding you for the debt and you are in the same miserable condition with your debts. There are many instances when the clients arrived at our office in the middle of such a crisis and our Pittsburgh bankruptcy lawyer has been in the place to help them. Often these mistakes are so bad that made the case even more challenging.

Not Making the Right Informed Decision

When it comes to filing bankruptcy, a very complex legal battle awaits you. You surely are not in the position of fighting the case on your own. There are several rules and regulations you are simply not aware of. Also, you don’t know about the forms that you have to fill up or which chapter of bankruptcy you should file for. As a result, your case can be dismissed. Or worse, your trustee will liquidate your assets, including your home and you will be left with nothing. It is necessary that you know about the regulations and the exemptions along with what will be the right chapter for your situation. And for that, you must retain an experienced Pittsburgh bankruptcy lawyer.

Losing Important Paperwork

When you are filing for bankruptcy you are appealing for protection for your assets too. For that, regardless of the chapter, you are filing for, you have to present specific forms, petitions, and declarations. Without this paperwork, the court cannot come to any decision, which means your case will be dismissed and you will be at the mercy of your creditors. For example, if you are filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you will have to go for exemptions for your assets. And if you fail to do so, your assets, including your home will become vulnerable to a looming danger of liquidation. Hiring a Pittsburgh bankruptcy lawyer can save you from such a debacle.

Procrastinating on the Filing Deadline

The deadlines for filing the bankruptcy are nonnegotiable. You have to submit every document by the date and time that the court has determined for you. Not following that cannot be helpful for your case. In fact, according to law, the bankruptcy deadline cannot be extended in case the filer fails to submit the necessary documentation. This is another reason why you should retain a Pittsburgh bankruptcy lawyer. When you hire them, taking care of the documentation part will be upon them. Being experienced in this field and knowing about all the details of the case, it will be easier for them to arrange the documents and submit them on time. If you want to take care of it by yourself, then there is always a chance of error. You might leave one document which will result in one debt remaining. And the debtor will have the right to hound you for the payment or drag you to the court.

So, for retaining a lawyer and to get more useful insights on bankruptcy cases, come to Pittsburgh bankruptcy law group.

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