Juvenile Crimes

Pittsburgh Juvenile Defense Attorney

When you or one of your loved ones is charged with juvenile crime, there is a lot at stake. At a young and tender age, many end up on the wrong side of law. Even youngsters who have had the most caring parenting also can run afoul of the law. It is important that such events don’t ruin their future. At such trying times, you need to seek help from a Pittsburgh Juvenile Defense Attorney.

At the law office of Sean Logue, I am a Pittsburgh criminal defense attorney and have been defending the rights of my clients involved in different types of juvenile cases that include everything from drug offense to underage drinking. You need to bear in mind that these charges can carry serious penalties. Apart from fines and suspension of driver’s license, the person charged can also be detained by the law enforcement authorities.

As an individual or a caring parent, you need to fight these charges aggressively. As a proficient Pittsburgh criminal defense attorney, I would ensure that all your rights are protected. As a Pennsylvania Super Attorney, I handle juvenile charges such as, but not limited to:

Never let juvenile charges ruin a future. At Logue Law, I would work closely with you to ensure that all your interests are protected.

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